• Autores Varios

Resumen (es)

A first approach of the research is done. The analysis of the Biology teacher’s in
formation, characteristics with his/her results, is contributing to the curricular program at
the licentiate in Biology. This project tries to be near the imaginative visions that the
current students have in relation to emotional, social, educational, political and cultural
The first stage of the research shows the perspective that we have constructed around
aspects such as (religion, politics and art), the family, sexuality, expectancy of life,
intellectual development, education (pedagogy, research, conceptions about teachers,
the teacher’s training and the program itself). The second stage will show what the
teachers think about; what we think about them and what the other teachers think and
feel. Similarly, a confrontation with theory related to it will be done; finally the
achievements will be analyzed in a critical way, and the necessary perspective will be
done to construct a curricular project in the Licentiate of Biology.

Palabras clave: Analfabetismo cultural, cultura, educación, expectativas de vida, familia, formación de maestros, heteronomia, individualismo, imaginarios, política, religiosidad, visión Local. (es)
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Varios, A. (1998). MIRÁNDONOS PARA BUSCAR SENTIDO. Tecné Episteme Y Didaxis: TED, (4). https://doi.org/10.17227/ted.num4-5687